Dell 9010 SFF i5 Back to School Bundle



Description School supplies...✔ New clothes...✔ Awesome computer set up to do all the kinds of stuff and things...😓 DON'T SWEAT IT!  Discount PC has you covered with our 9010 i5.....

Lenovo M93P i5-Gen4 Tiny- Back to School Bundle



Description Remember that movie where the teeny tiny ant could lift trucks over his head like it was nothing? Ok, so the M93P Tiny won't lift trucks or anything, but.....

Dell Optiplex 9020 SFF i5 Back to School Bundle



Description So, your kid brother spent the summer downloading EVERY online game known to man, clicking EVERY pop-up ad, and now your computer might as well be used for a.....

Dell 790 i5-Gen2 Small Form Factor Bundle w/ 22" Monitor, Keyboard + Mouse, All Cables



This Dell Bundle comes with everything you need to get your home office up and running in no time! The Dell OptiPlex 790 i5 Small Form Factor is a durable, dependable workhorse.....

Monitor- LG 34UM64-P Widescreen w/ DVI-D, DisplayPort & HDMI



Description The LG 34UM64-P widescreen monitor features DVI, DisplayPort, and HDMI.For greater support and durability, we are offering a third-party stand to support your 34" monitor. Vivo stand part # V001HG.....

Lenovo USB Mouse NEW


This is a brand new in the package corded mouse made by Lenovo.  Specifications: Condition: NEW Interface: Wired USB Weight: .3 lbs...

Dell Latitude E5420 i5-Gen2



Description The Dell Latitude E5420 laptop features a 14" screen, and Intel i5 processor, and up to 8 GB RAM. One Year Warranty included. Genuine OEM AC Adapter included.Specifications Manufacturer.....

Dell Latitude E6440 i5-Gen4


Description The Dell Latitude E6440 is a well-designed laptop built for durability and performance. This laptop is fully equipped with a 14" screen, Intel i5 processor, and up to 16GB.....