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Evergreen Electronics, dba DiscountPC.com is a process driven enterprise business focused on selling and servicing refurbished computers to business, education, and government clients.

QUALITY is the first word we use to describe our products, culture and what we are all about. Quality is pervasive in all we do which is why we include a same-as-new full one-year warranty on every computer system we sell. Quality is the reason we have incredible Five Star Google reviews. Quality is a key reason our customers buy again and again. And quality is the reason we have a return rate well below 1%.

We hire only industry experienced sales professionals and certified technicians. Doing business with DiscountPC means your company, school or government entity gets a dedicated sales professional for your account and that person is your go-to contact for every single need you may have before, during and after the sale. You can always expect full accountability from us regardless of the situation.

We are a Microsoft Registered Refurbisher (MRR), which means every Windows 10 operating system loaded by DiscountPC is legitimate, legal, and safe. We can also load your company’s custom image or even your preferred version of Linux. We work very hard to make it easy for you to do business with DiscountPC.

We are a bit old-fashioned in that we prefer selling directly to our clients with no middlemen—which allows us to be fully accountable to you. We can customize anything you want on a PC and still ship incredibly fast. We operate in a “continuous improvement” environment to ensure our processes are tight and our results are consistent and predictable.

Need a single desktop or working to source a large order of laptops for a big project? Call us anytime during regular business hours for a fast and easy quote. I’m certain you’ll be delighted with your end-to-end experience with us.

About Our Products

Many of our products are "off-lease" from large corporations. As with leased vehicles, these computers are well maintained during the lease to avoid costly "missing/damaged" fees at the end of the term. All of our PCs both look great and function like new, all backed by our full one year warranty. Our CEO was with Dell’s leasing division for nearly 10 years and knows the leasing business very well.

Everything we do revolves around one thing: Quality. Refurbished products purchased from Discount PC are thoroughly tested, inspected and re-tested to ensure quality and excellence. Discount PC has a return rate below 1%, and a same-as-new full one year warranty on every system we offer.

We are packing experts, ensuring safe and secure transportation directly to our customers. We guarantee you’ll be pleased with the professional and quality packing jobs performed by our logistics team.

COSMETICS: DiscountPC.com’s Grading Criteria
For most of our customers cosmetics—The external look and feel of a refurbished computer-- matters. Laptops, Ultrabooks, Desktops and Servers sold by DiscountPC.com range from Grade A to Grade B (see Matrix). Discount PC does not offer Grade C, D or F units.
Our grading criteria ONLY refers to the cosmetic “look and feel” of a product. Both A and B grades have exactly the same one year warranty and the same functionality.

More details around Discount PC’s grading criteria:

Cosmetic Grade A:
Grade A products from Discount PC will have overall excellent to very good cosmetics. Grade A units range from cosmetically pristine to very light scratches or other minor blemishes. When present, these minor imperfections are typically found on the laptop lid tops or on the desktop side panels. Some Grade A Laptops may exhibit some very light shiny areas around the keyboard, but it will be minimal if present at all.

Cosmetic Grade B:
Grade B units from Discount PC are less expensive than their equivalent Grade A units, and are an overall excellent value. These units will have some cosmetic blemishes that include scratches and/or other surface imperfections. Some Laptops may exhibit shiny keys on the keyboard and/or shiny surfaces around the keyboard, but all key characters are always fully legible. No more than one very small surface crack may be present, but this is rare (More of an issue with older generation laptop models). Grade B products are functionally equivalent to Grade A, and always include the same warranty, quality and support as their Grade A counterparts.

Note: Every laptop sold by Discount PC regardless of grade will always include an original OEM AC adapter. We never sell the cheap and far-inferior overseas knock-offs that are so common in the industry.

The matrix below is Discount PC’s overview of the pre-refurbished (used) IT market, and the refurbished products offered direct from Discount PC:


We are committed to providing the highest quality in the refurbished industry. Our standards of quality for our cheap computers, used laptops and refurbished computer parts meet the industry for Grade A ratings. All of our used computer systems, cheap laptops, sale desktops, and other refurbished computer products come with a same-as-new, full one year warranty. Whether you purchase one cheap desktop PC; a used laptop; 20 workstations and discount monitors for your office; or a refurbished peripheral, you can buy with confidence. As a Microsoft Registered Refurbisher (MRR) we are committed to quality first.


As a Microsoft Registered Refurbisher (MRR) whether you purchase a cheap desktop PC, used laptop, discount computer system, or server; your product will be loaded with a legitimate, legal and safe Windows 10 Operating System. Our team is a dedicated, small group of sales professionals and certified technicians ready to provide you with quality used computer products you can count on.

All About Our Customer

You’ll know your sales rep by name and they’ll know you. Whether you purchase one used laptop or 1,000 cheap computers, you'll get the same high quality products and expert customer service. We develop real and lasting relationships with our customers because we understand the importance of providing the best service and the value of providing quality used computers in the refurbished space.


At Discount PC we believe in providing full transparency and accountability throughout each step of the customer journey. Buying a used computer, cheap laptop, discounted monitor, or other technology should be very simple. We’re committed to a straight forward and seamless experience for our customers with the industry’s very best warranty, a fast and easy checkout, and no hassle returns on each and every used laptop or other products we sell.


We’ll get you the cheap computer or used laptop you need, when you need it. If we get it wrong, let us know! Our feedback from our customers allows us to continue to improve our level of service and we’re committed to making it right. Our relationships with our customers allow us to be in an environment of continuous improvement and we’ll keep working until you’re satisfied with your cheap laptop or used computer.

Best Place To Work

We’re a tight-knit office. We’re family, friends and teammates. We’re committed to a positive work life balance. We offer perks and thrive in a happy, dedicated team environment.

We're Green

Our parent company is Evergreen Electronics. Our entire organization is very conscious of our environment and we do everything possible to economically repair our inbound stream of gently used IT assets, such that they can be reused reliably for years to come. Landfill avoidance and reuse are a core part of the Evergreen / Discount PC business model.
When used computers can’t be reused or repaired, we route those components to downstream recycling partners who have Responsible Recycling Practices (R2) and/or the e-Stewards recycling certification. Partnering with certified recyclers ensures these non-repairable used computers, used laptops, and other products are properly recycled, avoiding landfills and minimizing harmful exposure.

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