Refurbishing Process

Discount PC’s certified technicians are dedicated to renewing and refurbishing our products to the highest quality until they look and perform perform pristinely. We specialize in providing professional grade equipment at a lower cost of ownership, dedicated customer service and a warranty for your assets.

Refurbished Myths


All of our Refurbished IT Equipment are enterprise-class/business-class, meaning they are the very best systems offered by Dell, HP, and Lenovo at that time. Due to the fact they are top tier systems, 5-year old enterprise-class computers can easily keep up with, sometimes outperform, the new systems offered by retail box stores.


Enterprise-class equipment is offered at a premium price to the public, but that is where we come in. We offer computers 30-70% off its original price and we can almost always offer a minimum of 10-20% off even new items. We have discounts for educators, nonprofits, B2B and first-time buyers and a system for every budget.


We only offer “Grade A” equipment. Grade A means the system is in near mint condition and shows very little sign of use. Minimal amounts of scuffing on the case, screen, and keyboard, but you shouldn’t expect to see any scratches, dents, chips, or significant blemishes. Every system we offer is thoroughly cleaned, prepped, and tested twice before it is sent to our customer.


Many of the systems offered by our company have an expected life of 5-7 years at the date of purchase and any failing hardware has been caught in the field or during our Quality Control process. Enterprise-class equipment also has replacements parts that are easier to find and much more affordable than their consumer-class counterparts.


Many companies like for the system to be uniform, where everyone is using the same model system with the same specifications. We often provide hard to source replacement systems in these situations, just much less expensive than the original purchase price.


Every system we offer comes with a minimum of a One-Year Warranty and we have extended warranties available if you need a little more security. For our Education and Non-Profit clients, your purchase is backed-up with extended 3-Year Warranties for no extra charge.


We are a registered Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher and we only offer a new, physical Certificate of Authenticity (COA). With every Windows 10 operating system we sell you will receive an individual COA sticker exclusively for that machine.

Equipment From Reputable Sources

Discount PC’s new or Grade-A equipment comes from dependable computer manufacturers and reliable wholesalers.

Discount PC's batteries, power adapters, and other parts are exclusively sourced from Original Equipment Manufacturers brand new.

Here to Help

There are many reasons why refurbished IT equipment is often the best choice when you need to upgrade your current hardware. Whether you need one computer or one hundred, our dedicated account representatives are happy to help. Our highly trained account managers are experts at stretching your budget dollars and finding the technology hardware solution to fit your needs. For more information or for a custom quote, please contact us today for your special pricing.

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