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This is a one-year Antivirus subscription, available for 1 PC or for 3 PCs.  

If you are purchasing a PC from us, DiscountPC.com will gladly load the software for you at no charge, but you need to request this service. If ordering it by itself or without PC installation by us, we will gladly send you an activation code for easy and quick downloading.  

Avast! is a 2017 Top10 antivirus software developed by a Czech security company called Avast Software. The company was founded in 1988, so it has been around for almost 2 decades! Within this time, the software has had plenty of peaks and troughs like any normal company, but it's coming into it's own now! As of 2016, Avast! had 400 million users and around 40% of the market share (outside of China). 

Avast!'s Pro Antivirus is packed full of useful tools, from the obvious Intelligent Antivirus to a password manager and a browser cleaner. There is, however, one feature that stands out to us: Sandbox! This is an awesome feature which allows you to test any file(s) before actually running it, whether that file comes from a download server from the internet, torrent file or even a friend's USB drive. This is the ultimate tool for safety and we think this could be the start of something new; it's certainly innovative and works very well.