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Jessica is our Lead Test Technician here at Discount PC. She’s been with us for one year and has gone above and beyond to make sure all of our incoming systems meet our standards. Even though it’s a lot to keep up with, Jessica loves the challenge of staying on top of orders, especially when things get busy!
Windows 11 is quicker, cleaner, more organizable, more customizable, and more secure than ever before. Files, widgets, and apps can be sorted and pre-set to your heart’s desire, but the improved Snap feature, which auto-fits multiple windows side-by-side, keeps winning us over...
Alex is an Account Executive on our sales team and has worked with us for about two years. In that time, he has learned the ins and outs of our whole operation. In his down time, Alex enjoys spending time with friends and family, playing video games, Dungeons & Dragons, teaching himself how to code, and hunting for the best salsa in town!
-- So, if GPU’s are traditionally used primarily for gaming, video streaming, and using graphics heavy programs like CADD, why are we hearing about them being used to “mine” cryptocurrencies? GPU’s are equipped with a nifty little feature called Arithmetic Logic Units (ALU’s), which are responsible for performing mathematical computations. ALU’s are important here because they are able to solve the “puzzles,” if you will, behind which cryptocurrency is hidden.