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Computers for Congo

Computers for Congo - Season For Giving

This season Discount PC wants to pay it forward by raising money to send computers to Congo. With these computers, underprivileged people will receive professional computer training that will give them the skills they need to start businesses and create jobs.

Torn By Violence

The American Dream is a hope we share that we have an equal opportunity to succeed and achieve our highest goals. In the dilapidated region of Eastern Congo, simply electricity and other goods and services are hard to come by. Congo needs hope. Many wonderful, creative people start non profit organizations and churches in Africa, but Congo needs businesses that pay taxes so their government can provide the most basic services. After years and years of continuing violence, ebola and hardship, the Congolese lack the courage, support, and training to start businesses.

Hope for Congo



Greg Herring and other business professionals have decided to help. They are bringing hope and confidence to the Congolese in Bukavu through professional training. Teaching the importance of business and giving people confidence to create jobs by equipping them with the necessary skills is making a dramatic difference in the lives of hardworking, intelligent, creative individuals. One of the most important skills to thrive in this day and age is computers. Computers are how we communicate, work, buy and sell. Congo has students eager to learn, with no books or computers. Congo has enough productive land to feed Africa, but they need jobs to help their economy and give people the confidence to start growing again after so much devastation.

Let's Help



Here at Discount PC we know the importance of quality, affordable computers. In a world that has become so small and accessible through the touch of a button, we want to help give the gifted Congolese an opportunity to gain the technical skills they need to start businesses. As you shop for a computer for your home, business or school, imagine the possibilities that someone in Bukavu will have when they learn to use a computer to start a business. If you are as touched by this opportunity to bring hope to Africa as we are, please consider donating. Discount PC will donate the first $500 to provide laptops for Congo, our goal is to raise $3000.

Business Class Computers



We’re sending Dell Precision M4500s with i7 processors for a video editing class to Congo!
The Dell Precision M4500 is not only a durable mobile workstation, but with the i7 processor, advanced 3D graphics, and 8GB RAM it can handle the most demanding applications faster and more seamlessly than a typical multimedia notebook. This powerful, dependable robust machine boasts a stunning 15.6" display. The Dell Precision M4500 workstation brings performance and dependability to the mobile professional. With a wide array of ports, the M4500 is a true desktop replacement that allows you to go where your busy life demands.

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