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Fall in Love with Windows 10

     Since Microsoft security updates and support ended for Windows 7 in January 2020, businesses and users who require robust security and/or required to maintain HIPPA compliance have had to make the intimidating change to a new operating system. It’s no wonder so many have waited until the final countdown to upgrade since Windows 8 felt like a downgrade, but Windows 10 doesn’t have to be scary. In fact, Windows 10 has everything Windows 7 has, and more. Here are some tips and tricks to get to know the new operating system in your life. Fall in love with Windows 10 and maximize your productivity.
     One of the best features of Windows 10 is the customizability. This is especially desirable for Windows 7 fans. Windows 10 takes the best of Windows 7 and Windows 10. For instance, the start button takes you to a menu and Live Tiles. You can resize, remove, or choose which Live Tiles you want to be visible. Click “Pin to start” to choose which programs you want to appear in the menu, and enjoy ultimate organization by grouping icons into custom categories.
      One of the main innovations of Windows 10 is that it automatically updates itself, like a website, smartphone, or app. This is how Microsoft is evolving their operating system into an ever-improving ecosystem. By keeping the operating system up to date Windows 10 can keep in sync with other devices and applications. With automatic updates, there will no longer be huge OS changes like the death of Windows 7, but frequent, smaller quality of life tweaks.  If you have Windows 10 Home you have to accept automatic updates. But with Windows 10 Pro a feature is provided to defer updates not essential for security. Go to Settings, then Update & Security, then Windows Update, then Advanced Options, and choose to defer updates.
   Windows 10 has all the features Windows 10 legacy users love, only more easily accessible. Right-click the start button to select the control panel. Press ALT-TAB to cycle through open windows and programs. When you load Windows 10 check out Action Center for notifications and updates.
     Cortana may not be new to Windows 10, but with Windows 10 she is useful, hilarious and less annoying. Type or say searches in the start menu. Overtime Cortana learns about your habits and preferences and predicts your needs. Cortana’s settings are easy to change and simple to turn off with the “Not Interested” button. Between Cortana’s witty jokes and integration with Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer, she makes a great assistant.
   Xbox gamers love Windows 10 because of the Live Feed app streams activity from their console to Windows 10. Windows 10 syncs seamlessly with the Xbox One, allowing users to see friends’ activity, message with them, and compare achievements. Plug in an Xbox One controller into the PC and play games as long as you’re connected to LAN line.
   Windows 10 is optimized for organization, and you can actually set up multiple desktops on one computer.  This feature is called, “Task View.” With Task View you can keep different files, programs, games, and settings. Just press the Windows key + TAB.  Create a desktop for work and a different one for play to minimize distractions. Move programs among the desktops by clicking and dragging.
    Windows 10 has additional features for Microsoft Surface Pro users. When you pop off the keyboard it switches to tablet mode automatically, and when you put the keyboard back on and it switches back to desktop mode. In settings, deselect “Use the appropriate mode for my hardware” if you choose to switch to tablet mode manually.
   Windows Hello and Windows Passport are Windows 10 features that turn your body into a password. If your device has Intel’s RealSense camera or a fingerprint scanner, Windows 10 allows you to sign in using face or fingerprint recognition.
    From the customizable start menu, multiple desktops with Task View, to the ever-evolving update system, staying HIPAA compliant has never made life so easy. While some may miss Windows 7, it’s functionality lives on in Windows 10, more stylish and user-friendly than ever.  Windows 10 marks the end of major operating system installs. Now that your operating system will evolve progressively, Windows 10 will be a love that lasts.

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