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Proper Posture


We’re standing on the edge of summer, ready for vacations, tans, and poolside gatherings! If you’re stuck working at a computer this summer (like so many of us are), it can be easy to develop laxed and damaging habits, especially when it comes to desk posture. 

Between the chaos of kids, work stressors, and building lifelong memories. It can be easy to get used to working on the go and in less than ideal workspace setups. 

This is where our middle school typing classes come into play. If you haveto be stuck to a screen this summer, make the most of it by remembering these important tips so you don’t miss the whole summer by injuring your body in the most boring way possible… at a desk.

Posture - We all know these: keep your feet flat on the floor, back straight without leaning forward, neutral wrist position, and 90-110 degree elbow bends. (But of course, we had to include them for good measure).

Chairs - While there are plenty of pricey ergonomic desk chairs, it’s easier to make adjustments to your current set-up instead. Rest your back completely against your chair for maximum support. If you need more lumbar support, add a pillow between your lower back and the chair to reduce spinal strain.

Laptops - Use a work surface that allows your eyes to be level with the top of your screen. Laptop trays prevent neck strain from looking downward by lifting your computer up to the proper height. Built-in trackpads and keyboards can be convenient, but your hands and wrists will thank you for using separate, more ergonomic accessories as well.

Keyboards - Make sure your keyboard is either flat on your desk, or tilted away from you, and use gel-filled wrist rests when possible. If your keyboard is tilted toward you, you can develop wrist strain by lifting your hands unnaturally high while typing, leading to issues like Carpal Tunnel.

Don’t forget to stretch, breathe, and step away for a bit! Stand up and take a 5-minute break every 30 minutes. This increases blood circulation, allows you to stretch your muscles, give your eyes a break, and can serve as a reminder to hydrate and even take a short walk. 

We hope these quick wellness tips benefit you as you work this summer and beyond!

Realizing it might be time to upgrade your set-up? Before you break your back and miss out on summer fun, give us ashout or request a quotehere for affordable tech options! We’ve got you covered to make sure you’re operating at your best, even if you do slouch from time to time.

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