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Spring Has Sprung! Is Your PC Still Snoozing?

The flowers are in bloom, the bees are abuzz, and …the allergens are off the charts. It must be springtime in Austin! If you’re like me, it’s more like “antihistamine and snooze button” season, heavy on the “snooze” with Daylight Saving Time around the corner. 

Luckily, the amount of daylight we have is no longer a huge point of concern, thanks to developments in technology and infrastructure, but the history of Daylight Saving Time is a bit of an interesting one. 

laptop outdoors

Benjamin Franklin was amongst the initial propositioners of Daylight Saving Time in an effort to reduce candle usage, which he argued would lead to significant consumer savings (it didn’t). Another proponent of saving time was a New Zealand entomologist who proposed the time change by two hours each spring so he could have more daylight time in which to catch bugs.

Though the cost of candles and catching bugs may not be things that many of us have interest in, it makes us appreciate how far we’ve come. Despite the pollen and temporary sleep deprivation, the warmer temperatures often inspire us to enjoy the outside, exercise, deep clean, and update everything in sight, from rugs to décor to – our computers?

laptop outdoors

We may not be able to help with your stuffy nose, cleaning your home, or getting your beauty sleep, but when it comes to computers, we’re your experts.

We are excited to announce that with the new season, Discount PC offers computers that are fully compatible with Windows 11, Microsoft’s freshly updated operating system. 

As always, all of our PCs are business class and come with a minimum 1-year warranty. Whether you choose a laptop, desktop, server, or are just in the market for a monitor, we’ve got you covered with tech that won’t get stuck in “hibernation mode”.

Time flies fast during springtime! Projects are being implemented, finances are ramping up, and business deals regain their momentum. So it’s the perfect time to make sure your computer isn’t about to ice you out! 


Is your PC still hitting snooze on you? Reach out to us for a free quote on a refurbished business-class computer here.

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