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Welcome, Windows 11!

We are thrilled to announce that Discount PC is now offering Windows 11 operating system! 

With every compatible device purchased, we now offer the option to upgrade from Windows 10 to Windows 11 for no extra charge.

So why are we so excited about this? Windows 11 offers a more streamlined, simple, sleek interface which makes navigating through your programs a breeze, but that’s only the beginning! 

Windows 11 also integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Teams, Xbox technology, and Android apps, bringing your ability to connect and communicate with others to a whole new level.

Windows 11 is exceptionally better for gaming than Windows 10 as it allows your games full access to devoted high-performance processor cores, while more efficient cores take care of your background and adjacent applications like Discord or streaming apps.

In a similar vein, the graphics transition from monitor to laptop has been improved, allowing for a much more clear, sharp image whether you’re surfing the web or streaming your favorite show and no interruptions when switching your docking setup.

Windows 11 has “suped up'' their security on the OneDrive as well. Gone are the days of losing your data to digital trespassers. By using the OneDrive for your document storage, everything is protected, backed up, and secure.

Windows 11 is quicker, cleaner, more organizable, more customizable, and more secure than ever before. Files, widgets, and apps can be sorted and pre-set to your heart’s desire, but the improved Snap feature, which auto-fits multiple windows side-by-side, keeps winning us over.

windows 11 gui

Keep in mind before you update the minimum system requirements to run Windows 11. You’ll definitely need at least a 1GHz processor, 4GB RAM, and 64GB of storage to run it smoothly. 

For your display, you’ll want a graphics card that is compatible with DirectX 12 or later and a WDDM 2.0 driver on a 720p, 8 bit color channel monitor that’s bigger than 9”.

Check out  Microsoft’s Spec page for more info, and check out  our compatible systems here!

Ready to upgrade with Windows 10 or 11? Request a free quote on a business-class computer  here. Call us or shoot us an email to find out more about our volume discount pricing.


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