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Wowing with Windows Shortcuts


Now that summer has come to an end, it’s time to reorganize and refocus! Are you making the most of your Windows OS? Here are some of our favorite Windows 10 and 11 shortcuts and features that are sure to impress and simplify.

Windows Shortcuts:

Copy, Cut, Paste

Ctrl +  C, Ctrl +  X, Ctrl +  V

Easy shortcut for text, photos, snips, screenshots, anything you can think of.

Open Copy/Paste Clipboard

Windows logo key +  V

No more constant switching back and forth when copy/pasting! This opens a small window containing all of the most recent things you have copied to be pasted at your leisure.

Windows logo key +  PrntScn 
Fn +  Windows logo key +  Spacebar

Ideal for saving web pages, articles, photos, windows, chats, or anything you desire.

Snipping Tool

Windows logo key  +  Shift + S

More precise than the Print Screen function and easy to copy, cut, and paste anywhere.

Maximize Window

F11 or  Windows logo key +  Up arrow 

For making your viewing page fit the screen for better visibility.

Open Task View

Windows logo key  +  Tab

Great for reviewing recently used apps and documents.

Display and hide the desktop

Windows logo key  +  D

Hides all open windows so you can quickly access your desktop.

Switch between open apps

Alt +  Tab

Shows you all open apps so you can easily move between and access them.

Open the Quick Link menu

Windows logo key  +  X

Opens a list view of all functionality menu options more directly than the Start menu.

Lock your PC

Windows logo key  +  L

Similar to the classic  Ctrl + Alt + Del > Lock, but one step faster.

Our Favorite Windows 10 Features:

Snap Assist

This is perfect when working with multiple-windowed projects at once. Drag your window’s title bar to the left or right of the screen to anchor it and leave room for another window next to it.

Continuum Mode
This is a helpful feature that automatically informs your OS what kind of hardware you are using. Your programs and apps anticipate user needs without manual settings adjustments.

I know, I know, but – we use voice commands on everything else, so why not our PCs? Sometimes it’s just easier to verbally search than it is to dig through mountains of data, even with shortcuts.

Our Favorite Windows 11 Features:

The Search bar allows you to search your computer as usual, but now you can also search items within apps, the internet, email, and more. I wish I had this feature when I was in school!

Widgets are now fully customizable. Watch stocks, news, weather, or sports, or ditch them all. Customize what you see and how big it is, keeping what’s important to you easily accessible.

Document Digitizing
By downloading OneDrive onto a mobile device, you can scan and upload any document into your account, making it more accessible, organized, and safe in the digital space.

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