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Your Key to Full Inventory Access

Our website presents our most popular laptops, desktops, monitors, and accessories, but did you know Discount PC also offers models that are even newer and faster than what is showcased online? 

Whether you are looking for one system or many more, our dedicated account representatives can access the full scope of Discount PC’s extensive inventory of PCs and parts in order to best present your perfect refurbished IT solutions, including:

  • Up to 11th generation systems
  • Grade A, business-class, name brand systems and parts
  • Custom configuration
  • Authentic Windows 10 or 11 OS
  • Uniformity on volume orders
  • Greater discounts on volume orders
  • 1 year standard warranty on all systems (3 yrs for EDU & nonprofit)

Discount PC will only offer IT gear which meets our high standards of quality. From there, our team of expert technicians disassembles, cleans, tests, repairs, reassembles, and fully restores each unit from the inside out, all by hand.

Secondly, we know that moving parts such as hard drives sometimes require a bit of assistance to ensure ideal performance. That's why Discount PC stands by our warranties to ensure you are covered if you ever need us to step in and help. 

In addition, power adapters, hard drives, RAM, and other parts are often sourced directly from manufacturers, which is why you’ll find our refurbished computers outperform systems from competing refurbished vendors – that’s quality that can’t be beat!

So, let us be your #1 source for the best value in high quality refurbished computers!

If you’d like to learn more about the refurbished IT solutions we offer,  Request a Quote here or email us at .

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