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Our Mission

Discount PC is a process driven enterprise business focused on selling and servicing used computers, cheap laptops, and monitors to business, education, government clients, and consumers. At Discount PC we believe in providing full transparency and accountability throughout each step of the customer journey.

Buying a used computer, cheap laptop, discounted monitor, or other technology should be very simple. We’re committed to a straight forward and seamless experience for our customers with the industry’s very best warranty, a fast and easy checkout, and no hassle returns on each and every used laptop or other products we sell.


     We've been in the used computer business for years and have refurbished and sold certified used laptops to thousands of very satisfied customers. Our parent company is Evergreen Electronics, founded by our CEO Jeff Hutchinson. Jeff has been in the refurbished PC industry for over two decades selling used computers and cheap laptops in a variety of capacities. He spent many years with Dell (DELL, $90B 2018) managing both Dell Outlet and Dell’s refurbished off-lease business within Dell Financial Services.

     After Dell Jeff spent two years at Arrow Electronics (ARW, $30B 2018) where as VP/GM he managed Arrow’s Value Recovery ITAD Division designed to refurbish and resell retired corporate used PCs globally. Prior to starting Evergreen, Jeff spend two years as CEO for Discount Electronics, an Austin-based retailer focused primarily on Retail and B2C markets. To learn more about why Jeff and Discount PC are the best place for you to get a used laptop or cheap computer, check out Jeff’s LinkedIn profile.

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