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Configuration Conundrum? No Problem!

As we move into Black Friday and Cyber Monday specials, we want to share a bit about one of our favorite business-class, tiny computers –  the  Lenovo ThinkCentre M920Q Tiny i5. Not only does this system take up virtually no desk space at 7” x 7.2” x 1.4”, it’s packed with basically every port you could want, granting the freedom to customize your setup, including:



Qty   Port                                   Qty   Port


headset jack


USB-C port 


microphone Jack




USB-A 2.0 ports


HDMI port


USB-A 3.0 ports


1GB Ethernet/wifi-dongle port


Discount PC is more than happy to custom-config your system, whether you’re in the market for 1 or 1000. But how much RAM and storage do you really need? Let’s talk about it!


RAM (random access memory) is what your computer relies on to run programs in real-time. The more available RAM, the smoother the user experience will be.


will allow for basic document work and light web browsing. Audio/video play pretty easily, along with light photo editing, and even lower-end games that do not require a discrete GPU like Minecraft, Cuphead, and World of Warcraft.


for large files, heavy document work, and multitasking between them. Keeping 20-30 internet tabs open is no problem. Audio/video streaming, and moderate photo editing.

16GB RAM (or more)

will take care of all of the above with no problem, as well as heavier photo editing. If you’re a mid-heavy system user, 16GB or more is definitely the way to go.


The hard drive is what holds all the local storage on your device. The more available storage you have, the more files and programs you can install and download.


great for users who operate almost exclusively in the Cloud. This keeps your local storage free for only the most necessary items.


plenty of space for moderate users who store smaller amounts of files locally, and focus most of their file storage in the Cloud and online.

(or larger)

ample storage for local files, including games and other media, and will often meet or outlast the lifespan of most systems. Most users have a 512GB SSD.

I personally work with lots of large documents, heavy internet use, media streaming, photo editing, and digital design, all with Cloud storage. My config of choice for my own computer is 16GB RAM and a 256GB SSD. This allows me to seamlessly multitask without the worry of ever slowing down my system or running out of space.


Still figuring this config thing out? We’re happy to answer any questions you have! Give us a call at (512) 715-4273 or email for more information. 
Need more than 1 unit? Learn about placing volume orders by requesting a quote  here.

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