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Tech Tip Tuesday - How to Command the CMD

Ken here with a great Tech Tip!

Generally speaking, “cmd” is the Windows 10 version of the Command Prompt as we all knew it before GUIs and modern operating systems. Some of us spend quite a bit of time there. Here are some neat tips you might not be aware of. The following assume an elevated environment:

  1. You can drag and drop a folder from Explorer to insert a path. Way faster than typing it if you happen to already have a window open.
  2. “tasklist” will show all running processes.
  3. “netstat -b” will show all running processes with network connections.
  4. There is a properties window! Right click the title bar to set options, change the font and alter the layout.
  5. “osk” opens the On-Screen Keyboard if you’re feeling particularly laid back.
  6. “powercfg /energy” generates an energy efficiency report.
  7. “powercfg /batteryreport” generates a report on the usage and health of your battery.
  8. “Netsh wlan show wlanreport" generates a wireless hardware and connectivity report.
  9. If Telnet is enabled on your machine “telnet” takes you to Star Wars. Check out the credits, the movie will begin shortly.

Do you know any other awesome commands? Let us know your favorites in the comments!



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