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Tech Tip Tuesday - How To Fix Slow Wifi

Do you wanna know: 

"Why is my WiFi so slow?"   

 Your access point’s location might be the culprit!

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Step 1

Consider Distance 

and Barriers.

Step 2

Optimize Positioning, 

Placement and Settings

Step 3

Use Current 


Consider Distance and Barriers

Floors, walls, doors and even windows can form physical barriers to wireless signals. Consider the distance between your device and the access point and think about how many other devices are using your network. Also think about whether your application requires business-class or consumer-grade devices. Commercial access points generally offer greater power and flexibility than seemingly equivalent consumer hardware. 

Optimize Positioning,  Placement and Settings

Your access point is whatever device you connect to when joining your WiFi network. 

Wireless routers of course but cable boxes, cable modems, cell phones, standalone cellular hotspots and even cars can all function as access points. If you’re having performance issues, think about relocating your access point or adding a secondary access point. 

When considering relocating your primary access point, something as simple as increasing its distance from the floor can have a marked effect. 

Always try to choose an open area and never allow your access point to become buried in a rat’s nest of its own cables or those of other devices. Lastly, if the access point has adjustable antennas, consider adjusting them. 

The position they are in may not be optimal!  

Use Current Technologies

Lastly, use current Wi-Fi technologies whenever possible. 

The most reliable way to increase your signal strength and speed up your network is to simply use the latest hardware. Wireless-N (802.11n) and Wireless-AC (802.11ac) are newer and faster (Wireless-AC being the best), while the older Wireless-A (802.11a), -B (802.11b), and -G (802.11g) are considerably slower.

Ken Greene
Lead IT Technician

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