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Featured Customer June 2019

Featured Customer

Louise P. - Peninsula Metropolitan YMCA


Our organization started purchasing refurbished equipment from a couple different vendors in mid-2015. Our first purchases were meant only to replace certain “task machines,” time clocks, check in registers, etc.  Since 2016, all of our PC purchases have been refurbished equipment, primarily from DiscountPC.  Prior to purchasing refurbished equipment, we were limited to choosing from the low end of the hardware capability spectrum, i3’s versus i5’s, 4GB of RAM vs. 8GB and were budgeting $600 per desktop.  By purchasing refurb’d equipment with one and two year warranties, that same $600 allows us to purchase i7’s with 8GB, sometimes 16GB RAM and SSDs in some cases. 

We are able to save money on our computer purchases and get higher capability machines for our budgeted dollars.  So far all of the machines placed in service during 2016 are still operational.  We haven’t had any hardware failures and if a machine arrives that doesn’t meet our standards, DiscountPC has been quick to send a replacement.  As a techie, I am extremely satisfied with my purchases, my end-users are more than satisfied with their replacements and our Execs are pleased that I operate on a shoestring budget.  That’s what you call a Win-Win-Win!

Louise P.
Technology Director


At Discount PC we offer the highest quality used computers, cheap laptops, and monitors to business, education, government clients, and consumers.

We're able to provide nonprofits with business-class PCs at ½ the price of new systems. We also offer lower pricing for non-profit clients on the Windows 10 Pro operating system. Our experienced technicians can create custom configurations and our sales team can quote pricing to fit any budget.  We're able to offer significant discounts applied to orders for non-profit IT consulting services while providing the highest level of support from a dedicated account representative.  We lower your IT costs by our 0 cost of ownership warranty. We provide name brand business-class PCs such as Dell, HP and Lenovo.

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