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Tech Tip Tuesday - Random Yet Handy Windows Keyboard Shortcuts

Ken's back with Tech Tip Tuesday.

This week he's got a list of his "go to" Windows Keyboard Shortcuts.

Do you know any he left out? Comment and let us know your favorite shortcuts!

Ctrl + Backspace deletes an entire word

Ctrl + Shift + Left / Right Arrow Key selects or deselects entire words

Shift + Home and Shift + End select the entire line relative to the cursor

Ctrl + Shift + Esc opens the Windows Task Manager directly

Windows Key + Tab shows all open apps and cycles through them

Windows Key +  M minimizes all windows

Windows Key + L locks the computer

Windows Key + Shift + S activates the Snipping Tool in Windows 10

Ctrl + Mouse Scroll Wheel zooms in or out in most apps and web browsers

Ctrl + T opens a new web browser tab

Ctrl + Shift + T restores the last tab you closed

Ctrl + L drops your cursor into the browser search bar or omnibox

Ctrl + F will open a search for the current page

Alt-F4 gets you out of here

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