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Why You Should Upgrade to a Refurbished Windows 10 PC

Why Buy a Refurbished Windows 10 PC?

Microsoft made a big splash with its launch of Windows 10 on July 29, 2015. For many PC users, switching to the new Operating System (OS) is a no-brainer, while for others, it's a close call. If you are part of the around 26% of the market share still using Windows 7, here's a closer look at Windows 10 to help you determine if the new OS is truly better, stronger, and faster. Once you've determined that Windows 10 is right for your business,Request a Quote from our sales team to help ensure a cost effective and smooth transition to the new OS.


Discount PC is an authorized Microsoft Registered Refurbisher, and as such offers legitimate copies of Microsoft’s Windows 10 operating system on most of our laptops and PCs. Most of our computers include Windows 10 Pro, though some lower-end units include Windows 10 Home with an upgrade to Windows 10 Pro if desired. See each listing for the included OS. Discount PC does not sell operating systems without a system purchase, and we always pre-install the OS on every system order.



As most of us know, Microsoft has officially stopped supporting Windows 7 and Windows 8. The only operating systems for PCs that are still being supported are Windows 10 Home and Windows 10 Pro. Buying a quality refurbished computer with Windows 10 from Discount PC means you are buying a quality dependable used computer with a state-of-the-art, fully supported and completely legitimate operating system.




Is Windows 10 faster that Win7 or 8? TechSpot put Windows 10 to the test against Windows 8.1 and Windows 7 for speed performance. The new OS ranked within mere seconds of Windows 8.1 and Windows 7 for speed in all performance areas. As to wake up and boot speed, it's a close call for Windows 10 against Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 in application, storage, and gaming performance.




Windows 10 brings futuristic features to computing. With this new OS, users can expect enhanced collaboration, mobility and ease of use with a fresh look. Here's an overview of some of the newest enhancements:

Mobility - The new OS runs across all Microsoft devices - from desktops to laptops, hybrid, tablets and smartphones. it's a single platform for all of your endpoints.

Cortana - Microsoft's windows phone voice assistant answers your questions in seconds. Cortana also handles core commands like opening a browser, creating a new email, setting reminders or calendar appointments, and more.

Windows Hello - Show your face or touch your finger on devices for biometric authentication. Hello removes the need for passwords, and makes authentication more secure.

Edge- Search faster with the new Microsoft edge web browser-- Draw, type and write notes directly on web pages and share them with others.

Battery Life Saver - This feature conserves battery by limiting background activity and adjusting hardware settings when activated.

Updates- Windows 10 now delivers security patches outside windows update so they go straight to your computer the moment they are available.

So is Windows 10 better, stronger, faster? Switching to Windows 10 brings extended support, futuristic features, and performance enhancements. While its speed may not be a deciding factor, weighing the benefits of new features and added support for your current operating system could tip the scale.

If you have determined that Windows 10 is right for your business, testing the OS for compatibility is a must. Testing applications, hardware, drivers, printers and more for suitability with Windows 10 is necessary for a smooth transition. Since the OS was released on July 29, 2015, numerous patches and updates have already been released to enhance compatibility and stability. There will undoubtedly be more updates and patches to come as the operating system is tested by users. The key question in determining when your business will make the switch is how much testing is required to ensure a smooth transition. If you're still undecided on Windows 10, try testing the new OS out in action on Microsoft's website, or checkout our site,Discount PC, to explore what operating system option is right for your organization. 

Request a Quote from our sales team and let us help you transition to high quality used computers for your business, that are optimized for Windows 10. Ensuring your business has a cost effective and smooth transition to the new OS.

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