Customer Service Trends: Online Forms Replacing Phone Numbers

Have you ever tried to find a phone number on a website, only to be routed to a form or a Contact Us link that either doesn’t list a phone number or buries it deep in links to try and force you to their online form?  We’ve seen this trend quite a bit for service, but we’re now seeing it for sales inquiries too.  

An online form for sales? In our view, this is incredibly poor service that often leads to wasted time and frustration.  At Discount PC we prefer direct conversations over the phone or face to face.  While we provide clients the option to send us inquiries via , we encourage our customers and prospects to call us and instead have a live, interactive conversation.  

Yet another negative customer service trend we are seeing are wide and deep automated phone menus that can take many painful minutes to navigate before being routed to a live person.  Have you ever been lost in a phone tree menu when you just wanted to talk to someone... anyone? Or the roboterator doesn't understand your response and you have to repeat your answer multiple times? By design, Discount PC has no phone menus-- call us during business hours and an experienced professional will take your call, immediately.

Discount PC is primarily B2B focused, so communicating directly with our customers is critically important for building trust, loyalty, and making sure we have every base covered in understanding your exact needs and timelines.  This approach may be "old fashioned" to some, but it's a core tenant of our business model and we're confident it's another aspect of Discount PC that truly sets us apart.

Our phone number can be found at the top and bottom of every web page on the website.  It’s easy to find and it’s always there.  

Our advice on finding that elusive phone number?  Forget about finding it on the site and instead go to and simply type in the company name and phone # (ie: “Paypal phone Number”) for an instant response.


Thanks for reading, and please don’t hesitate to give us a call :)

- Jeff Hutchinson, CEO