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New Year, New Tech - Is Refurbished Really Worth It?

When that giant disco ball in the sky cues the annual countdown, it’s an exciting symbol of new beginnings, a fresh start, and time to refresh our tech. 

Many of us are familiar with that creeping sense of dread when it comes time for this often exhausting chore. And once you start your hunt, you’re bound to find yourself bombarded with advertisements showcasing the newest, shiniest, and – most expensive units on the market.

This is where we step in!

At Discount PC, we offer the highest quality, fully refurbished, business-class laptops, desktops, monitors, and accessories at market-competitive pricing. But, what exactly  is refurbished?

We source gently used computers from all over the world and accept only those which meet our high standard of quality. From there, our team of expert technicians disassembles, cleans, tests, repairs, reassembles, and fully restores each unit to their former glory from the inside out, all by hand.

Because we only offer business-class computers, you can be sure that our units will be up to whatever test you might put them through. Our computers have more powerful processors and graphics cards than any consumer-grade computer you’ll find, and at a fraction of the price!

We customize each unit to meet your exact specifications including size, age and generation, memory, and grade. We’ll even install Windows OS and upload custom images for you!

Every unit comes with a 1+ year warranty and a real person to talk to should you ever need support. We are a small, local business in Austin, TX and operate completely in-house – no outsourced call centers to navigate through!

For us, the answer is simple: why empty your wallet for new or consumer-grade computers that are bound to break down after only a couple years? Save your money and invest instead in higher-performing and more reliable systems that you can customize to be the computers of your dreams!

Think you might still be on the fence? Give us a call at 512-715-4273, shoot us an email at or request a quote and let us show you some of our southern techie hospitality!

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Gary Beran

Gary Beran

March 15, 2022

The home computer I have is approximately 15+ years old. It has served me well and still does to this day. However, it came with Windows 7 and I feel it needs to be replaced. I use my computer to pay bills, search the internet for things that I may need and answer emails from friends and others. Since I always use my computer to pay bills, I worry about spam and other sorry people who look for older people to scam. I am 74 years young and feel that I need to upgrade what I have. This will be the last computer I purchase and I want it to handle anything that I need. I have the Lifelock Norton security but I am told that they are going to discontinue it. I have a Samsung SyncMaster S22B150 monitor which serves me well and an HP printer that causes problems with feeding too many pages.

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