The 5 Best Refurbished Computers

The cost of purchasing a personal computer can be considerable for a small to medium sized business. A refurbished PC makes sense in many ways. For a business that just needs the basics to one that might need a more powerful workstation, purchasing a lightly used computer can save money while delivering on business needs. For most models, they can be scaled down to an i3 if needs are minimal or up to an i7 for more performance. The most important thing to consider when purchasing a refurbished PC is quality control and warranty. Here at Discount PC, we use only GRADE A refurbished equipment and we offer a one year warranty on all of our computers. 

1.HP 8300 All-in-One

This HP All-in-One is a powerful computer in an all-in-one-form factor. Featuring a 23" touch screen and an i5 processor, this machine is ready to go out of the box. This makes it a great choice for education. The pros and cons are similar to a laptop except that all-in-ones have bigger screens and are not nearly as portable. This all-in-one can be upgraded to 16GB of RAM and up to a 500GB Solid State Drive. These are wall mountable and the touch screens are especially well suited for kiosks and will display in portrait or landscape mode.




Upgrades limited to RAM and Hard Drive

Touchscreen is intuitive and lends itself to children or kiosks

Not as portable as a laptop

Mountable in landscape or portrait mode

No discreet graphics upgrade for gaming 


 2. Dell Optiplex 790 Mini Tower

This Dell Optiplex 790 is a great performer at a reasonable cost. This mini tower model is both affordable and performs well for its price point. For even better performance, more RAM and a solid state drive are great upgrades. This unit has 4 DIMM slots and is expandable to 16GB of RAM. DVI and VGA outputs can power two monitors without an additional video card. It the most expandable form factor for this model and also features four SATA connectors and support for two optical drives. Three open full height PCIe slots are included with one being a PCIe x16 (x4 mode). An open PCI slot is also included.




Tower size affords the most room for expansion

Largest footprint of the form factors offered

Ease of working inside the case

More energy consumption than smaller form factors

Business class computing in a rugged well thought out design No USB 3.0 ports without an expansion card


3. Dell Optiplex 7010 SFF

This Dell 7010 is as durable as it is stylish. The small form factor means less space is taken up on or below your desk without compromising on power. Dual monitor capability is included without the need for an additional video card. This computer is one of the best deals for processing power for your dollar. Four external USB 3.0 ports, six external USB 2.0 ports and two display ports provide maximum connectivity.




The form factor is a good middle ground in size

Less available bays and slots than larger sizes

A plethora of USB 2.0 and 3.0 ports

More energy consumption than smaller form factors

Business class computing in a rugged well thought out design Less space to work around inside the unit



 4. ThinkCentre M93P

The Lenovo Tiny is as powerful as it is versatile. Packing all of the power of a PC into a compact space provides for more placement options in the office environment. Its small size also makes it energy efficient. Five USB 3.0 ports and support for multiple monitors make this computer seem much bigger than it is.




Plenty of ports and multiple monitor support

Internal expansion limited to RAM and HDD

Small footprint

No native 5GHz wi-fi support

Very low power consumption No HDMI without an adapter

5.Dell Optiplex 3020 Micro Form Factor


This micro unit from Dell delivers performance and a small footprint. Powered by an i5 processor this PC delivers while keeping a very small profile. This PC has two SO-DIMM slots and is expandable to 16GB of RAM. Two rear facing USB 3.0 ports and six external USB 2.0 ports offer many connectivity options. An RJ-45 networking port is also included. A DisplayPort and VGA port can drive up to two displays.



VESA mountable behind a monitor or between a monitor and stand

 Only upgrades are RAM and HDD

Ultra-portable making a great application for the medical field

Internals are packed tightly, so RAM upgrades are non-trivial for the average consumer

Smallest Dell Optiplex form factor No HDMI without an adapter

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